Friday, 28 November 2014

Do it yourself like an expert – toilet spares are easy to fix

If you are learning to understand how spare parts work for various household and industrial systems, you would understand that it is all about right kind of information that will lead you to successfully get things done. If you are into your regular working profession or dealing with business of spares, you would be sure of the quality standards provided by Armitage shanks spares.

They are among the best replacement spares in the market with their reputation only growing by the day and time. They are known for their quality standards and servicing commitments. You would also find them so accurate in providing the information which rather makes you feel that you can be an expert in dealing with the technicality of the spares of your toilet. Similarly, the ideal standard spares also enjoy the reputation of the vendors and users who used their products at some time or the other.

Experience is everything and you should let yourself into situations that shall provide with opportunities to deal with some of the essential systems. Considering the fact that you may have to deal with these things at some point in time of your life, you would appreciate it happening at the earliest. All experiences are unique and are known to leave a satisfactory mark on your own self and memories.

Talking about replacing the spares in the toilet, you can do it yourself by simply following the instructions given. Normally, you would start to recognize that there is some problem with your toilet by noticing certain unusual leakage or trouble in flushing off and other similar indications. When you notice such indications, you need to cautiously open up the equipment to identify the troublesome parts. Often blockage in valves and cisterns would be responsible and the same can be sorted out by clearing the blockage. It is good to evaluate the extent of the problem with any part and see if it can be fixed without replacing with spares. It does a lot of good to your spending.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Various things to consider while Buying a Toilet

Buying a new toilet might seem like a simple proposition. However, you need to consider several important things, when you go for shopping. You need to familiarize yourself with the recent advances, which has made them more efficient, Eco-friendly and comfortable than ever before. It is not necessary that a high price tag mean top performance.

Toilets have several moving parts and they might break or wear out over a period. If the toilet won’t stop running, then you can replace or repair the key toilet parts.

First, you need to make sure that the toilet fits into the space. Measure the distance between the drainpipe and the wall behind it. The rough-in size is 12-in, but you may find 10-in or 14-in in old homes.


Toilets are available in one piece or two-piece models. The latter ones are less expensive. Although both function similarly, when it comes to cleaning, one-piece models are easy to clean. You need to purchase various installation parts such as closet bolts, bolt caps, wax ring along with sleeve and toilet seat, if they are not included in the package.

Toilet Bowls:

These are available in elongated and round shapes. Oval shaped bowls are generally longer than the latter by two inches and they provide additional comfort too. Round bowls are perfect for small spaces and are not expensive.

Toilet Seats

Toilets are available as separate pieces and toilet seats are not included in it. Choose one that goes well with the decor of the bathroom and the toilet color. Consider the following things while choosing the seat:

·         The shape of the seat depends on the bowl shape i.e., elongated or round.
·         They are available in molded or real wood composition, polypropylene, plastic or cushioned vinyl.
·         Slow-close seats are safe and quiet.

Toilet Cisterns

Today, toilet cistern made of premium materials is available in the market. They conceal the water connection and flush pipe stylishly. Concealed toilet cisterns are installed in roof cavity, wall or below a bench top.